Welcome to our new Building...

Located at Free Minds Piazza, Inc
2401 SE C Street, Bentonville

Free Minds Piazza, Inc provides a location "Piazza" for youth and families to gather for collaboration in education innovation and community development. In addition to the Social Homeschoolers Network and SHN Academy, the facility will also host Terra Preschool a Reggio Emilia Preschool, Afterschool Lounge, E-Learning Piazza, Free Minds Academy, Community Farm Connection and additional programs that highlight our mission to provide a piazza for community development. Our new community Piazza will be a place for homeschoolers to gather, collaborate and grow together.

February 1st 2021 we will begin our new journey at our new building. Here, the possibilities are going to be limitless; our Academy will expand, our programs will expand, our quality will improve, and our opportunities will be endless! This will be a place for your children to have a voice, where they can connect with their peers, where they will be involved in their community, take part in real life education, showcase their own self-expression, collaborate, and pave their path to a successful and meaningful future that is based off their qualities and goals. This new building will be a game changer in the homeschool community by expanding all opportunities for homeschoolers and creating new ones. We will offer new programs and a space for students whose parents work, for students participating in virtual schooling and for students who need a homeschool program but do not know where to start. From mentoring, tutoring, and workshops, we want to help guide parents and students to find a program that best suits their needs. 

The building is over 30,000 square foot and is absolutely stunning. Construction has already started on the upper level and the West side of the lower level; the East side of the lower level will begin once the current tenant is completely moved out. Although completing everything will be a process, once completed, the building and grounds will include two playground areas, tricycle path, basketball court, gaga pit, 9 square, hammock park and more. We will have an Art studio, Music room, Computer lab, Game rooms, Robotics labs, Science labs, Dance studio and so much more! Once our first phase is completed, we will begin working on the second phase with plans to build a Gymnasium, additional event space, Shop and offering spaces to expand our educational opportunities to offer a community garden, beehives, small farm animals, orchard, nature studies, archery range and much more. Long-term phase three goals include our own track, football field and additional sports opportunities. The process and timeline of these phases depend on finances and community needs. 

We will schedule an Open House soon but in the meantime, here is sneak peak of what our new year holds and the start of new beginnings...