Social Homeschoolers Network was started in May of 2014 by a local homeschool mom. Over the past six years, Social Homeschoolers Network has seen tremendous growth and currently has over 600 students from pre-K through high school. Social Homeschoolers Network is Northwest Arkansas’s fastest-growing professionally organized homeschooling organization. 


Social Homeschoolers Network is not a co-op; we are an organization that offers social event planning services to local homeschoolers. We do not have any time commitments or volunteer requirements. Our members can relax and enjoy all of the benefits of the Social Homeschoolers Network knowing that our Directors and Team Leaders will take care of all of the planning and organization. You can have peace of mind knowing that all of our Directors and Team Leaders have passed a background check. 


Social Homeschoolers Network offers many programs and benefits for our members. By becoming a member, you get to enjoy some awesome perks like:

- SHN Academy - discount
- Field Trips

- Performing Arts Programs

- STEAM Programs

- Sports Programs

- Holiday Parties

- Social Days

- Special Events

- Educational Fairs

- Youth Small Groups
- SHN 4-H Club

- Life Groups

- Senior Planning

- Teen Programs
- Mom Socials

- Family Gatherings

- Community Service

- Yearbook & School Pictures
More information about these programs are listed to the right. 

We are always looking for new programs to add and participate in. Our goal is to provide local homeschool students with the same benefits and opportunities as they would get in a traditional school setting. Our Organization provides important tools to help our members achieve their goals and be successful in their home school adventures. You will never have to worry about being bored or your child not getting enough socializing with the Social Homeschoolers Network. Participation in all of our events is completely optional; attend as little or as much as you want.

Social Homeschoolers Network has events sometimes every day of the week but remember participation is completely up to you. Our SHN Academy will be located at our building in Bentonville on Mondays and Wednesdays. Educational Fairs, Social Days and Youth led Clubs will be held on Fridays. Field Trips, Life Groups, Playdates and other events vary and are all over Northwest Arkansas. Most of our field trips will be on Thursdays.  Activities, schedule, locations and pricing is subject to change. 

There are two ways to get involved with SHN and learn more about us. First, come to one of our monthly Parent Open Houses and/or visit our Facility. Our monthly parent open house give prospective members and/or current members an opportunity to ask questions, learn about upcoming SHN activities and services, and meet other homeschool parents. 

Monthly Parent Info Meeting / Open House Sign-up:


Request a Tour by e-mailing:

How much does the SHN Membership cost?
Here is a breakdown of the costs involved in becoming a Social Homeschoolers Network Member for the 2022/2023 Membership Year. Each family must pay a Annual Family Enrollment Fee and Family Membership Fee. 

Annual Family Enrollment Fee:

$35.00 - $50.00 depending on when you pay.
The Enrollment fee must be paid upfront.

Family Membership Fee: 
$18.00 - $30.00 a month depending on how and when you pay. 
Family Membership fee can be paid yearly at a discount or monthly via Paypal automatic withdrawal. 

The total cost for your enrollment fee and membership fee for your entire family, can cost you anywhere from $251.00 - $410.00 a year, depending how and when you register. That’s as low as only $20.91 a month for enrollment and membership – cheaper than McDonalds! 

What are you paying for?
Organizing & Planning of all SHN Activities; Running an organization like this is a full-time job for the Director and Team Leaders. SHN is not a traditional Co-op, we have NO Volunteer requirements. Therefore, you can come to SHN events as a parent and enjoy that time with your children. We run SHN as an organization that offers a homeschool event planning service with 2, to sometimes 7, events per week. The membership is set-up to pay for that service but of course covers much more. Once you see the number of activities & events SHN plans, you will see that the cost of membership is very minimal for the benefits you receive. More importantly, you are paying for Quality!


It also covers all the normal expenses of running a business, from Office Supplies, Marketing, Building Rent, Insurance, etc. SHN fairs and Events cost money to host, from decorations to building costs. Organizing, Planning and Constructing these activities cost money. From all the Track & Field Activities, to Senior Scholarships, SHN pours money back into our students & families because we love what we do! Our Awards Ceremony is our biggest event of the year. From Venue costs, Event Staff Compensation, Decoration costs, to student awards and books, we pour thousands of dollars into this one event. All 600+ students have an opportunity to be recognized and receive a certificate and book for graduating the school year. Students who participated in Educational Fairs and Competitive events receive all their prizes and ribbons they earned throughout the year during the SHN Awards Ceremony. This is all covered by your membership fees.

Are there any additional costs?

Outside of your SHN Application and Membership fee there may be additional costs for some events and extra-curricular activities. Here are some examples:

Walton Arts Center Colgate Classroom Shows:
The Colgate Classroom Series offers live matinee performances in a variety of art forms including dance, theater, puppetry, and world music to school groups. These performances are opportunities for young people to explore world cultures, make connections to important works of literature, or to learn more about art forms through lecture/demonstration format. SHN pays for the Group Enrollment Fee / SHN Members pay for the show they want to attend ($5.00 per show)

SHN Academy:
Our SHN Academy includes Elective Classes, Theater Arts and Sports. SHN Members receive a large discount for their Academy classes.

Field Trip or Event Admission:
Although most of our Field Trips do not have any additional costs, sometimes we have field trips that do charge an Admission Fee. We also may have an additional fee for small groups if offering an activity or food, and special events, such as dances. We try to keep additional fees as minimal as possible. SHN also pays for any overage for Small groups or other activities that is not covered by admission costs, this happens often. If applicable, SHN Members pay for Field Trip admissions and any event admissions. Costs varies.


Hear what our members say about SHN!


SHN Members receive up to 45% off Academy Class Registration. Some of the Academy Classes may include Biology, Intro to Engineering, Robotics, Ballet, Hip Hop Dance, Art, American Sign Language, Phonics & Food, Boxing, Sewing, Mandarin Chinese, Story & Art, Spanish, Survey of Computers, Exploring Athletics, Yearbook, Photography, Journalism, Personal Finance, and much more! We offer two Academy days.


We take fun, educational, and hands-on field trips. Some of our past Field Trips have included educational programs at local museums and behind the scenes tours of businesses and factories. In addition to the family field trips we offer, we also have monthly Teen trips and experiences. 


Our group participates in the Walton Arts Center Colgate Classroom Series membership. We offer Musical Theater and Choir through our Academy. 


SHN participates in multiple STEM related activities throughout the year and offers an EV3 Robotics class through our Academy. We also have FIRST Lego League Robotics teams, SeaPerch Robotics teams, and multiple STEM programs in the works.


Currently, SHN has a Football Team and Cheer Team forming; with more sports opportunities being developed. 


We celebrate together with Back to School Parties, Trunk or Treats, Thanksgiving Potlucks, Christmas Parties, Valentine’s Day Parties, Easter Egg Hunts, Dances, Awards Ceremonies and End of School Year Parties.


During the nicer months, we meet at local parks, pools or splash parks, and during the months that are cooler or when there is bad weather we meet inside of local places like Defy, Skating Rinks, Bowling Alleys and etc.


During our “Social Days” we meet at our building where our members come together for Fellowship. This is a member favorite. It gives our students and parents an opportunity to socialize and build lifelong friendships. At a typical Social Day students can play with arcade and game tables, play board games with their friends, teens can hang out in the Teen area, while parents take the time to converse with other adults. 


Some of these events include: Track and Field Day, Family day, Curriculum Sale, and Camping Trip. One of our biggest events of the year is our Awards Ceremony where our students are rewarded for their hard work throughout the year. Awards can be earned through our Presidential Fitness program, Geography Fair, Science Fair, Jr. Entrepreneur Fair, Track and Field Day, 4-H program, Living Wax Museum, Reading programs, and much more. 


Our Educational fairs include Geography Fair, Science Fair, Living Wax Museum, Jr. Entrepreneur Fair, and Art & Hobby Show.


Our members can enjoy fun grade-specific activities and meet-ups so their child can get to know other children their age. 


We are launching a new program, SHN Life Groups. SHN Life Groups gives our SHN families the opportunities and tools needed to build a community of their own that fits their needs within SHN.


Our Senior planning group plans Senior activities throughout the year such as Senior cap and gown pictures, Senior Trip, Senior Get-To-Know-You activities and our SHN Graduation, plus much more! 


We have a large growing teen group and offer our teens many opportunities to grow together and develop friendships. From our amazing Teen Leadership program, Teen only field trips, Teen life experiences and workshops, and monthly Teen meet-ups. 


We give our youth the opportunity to lead through our Youth Led Clubs program. During our Social Days, we provide our Youth Led Clubs with their own space to develop their own clubs based off their interests. 


We host fun Social Mommy Meet-ups so moms can get to know each other and build lifelong friendships too. We also have a Mentor Moms group as a homeschool support group for our Moms. We plan New Member Dinners and Informational meetings for our new families to ask questions.


From our family picnics, camping trips, international trips, to weekend field trips, we want to make sure all members of the family are able to participate in the fun. 


Giving back to our community is one of our main goals. We hold a community service project or activity each month. In the past we have made shoes for children in Uganda, packed meals for families in need through Pack Shack, delivered gifts and food to our local heros, placed flags on our veteran's graves, worked in local community gardens and much more.


We will capture all of the fun memories our members have made with their homeschool friends. We do School pictures, Class pictures and Yearbook.


SHN Members are able to participate in our SHN 4-H Club. Through 4-H we are able to offer additional educational opportunities to our members. 

We hope your family will consider joining Social Homeschoolers Network! Becoming a member is easy! Just click the button to the right to be directed to the "Join SHN" page where you can sign up for membership. We look forward to you joining the Social Homeschoolers Network family and hope to meet you soon!