1 Day – 2 Showings
Thursday, June 2nd, 2022


Showing 1: 2:00pm
Showing 2: 7:30pm


Grace Hills Church
805 SE 22nd St.
Bentonville, AR
Tickets: $7.50 per seat

(Toddlers & Babies sitting on parent’s laps do not need a ticket)


Sea Chorus:   Charis Hicks, Payton Ghesquiere, Penelope Berry, Claire Cockrell, Veronique Hicks 

Pilot:   Eden Hicks

Sailors:   Ethan Hawkes, Harlow Groff

Prince Eric:   Treyton Smith

Grimsby:   Qinzi Kok

Sea Creatures:   Stacy Smith, Harlow Groff

Seahorse:   Hailey Hawkes

King Triton:   Emery Hicks

Sebastian:   Heyden Garrett

Aquata:   Claire Cockrell

Andrina:   Payton Ghesquiere

Arista:   Veronique Hicks

Atina:   Penelope Berry

Adella:   Sidney Hawkes

Allana:   Charis Hicks

Ariel:    Jayden Ghesquiere

Flounder:    Lila Pellouso

Scuttle:    Molly Cockrell

Gulls:    Eden Hicks, Ethan Hawkes, Hailey Hawkes

Ursula:    Cailin Kok

Flotsam:    Grace Pellouso

Jetsam:    Millie Hicks

Carlotta:    Sidney Hawkes

Chef Louis:    Ethan Hawkes

Chefs:    Hailey Hawkes, Millie Hicks, Grace Pellouso, Emery Hicks

Lagoon Animals:    Stacy Smith, Harlow Groff

Princesses:    Charis Hicks, Payton Ghesquiere, Penelope Berry, Claire Cockrell, Veronique Hicks

Producer:                      Cassie Smith
Director:                       Alexandra Rexford
Music Director:             Benjamin Choate
Choreographer:            Alexandra Rexford
Set Design:                     Alexandra Rexford
Costume Design:            Cast, Alexandra Rexford
Lighting Design:            Alexandra Rexford/Benjamin

Properties:                    Cast, Alexandra Rexford
Stage Manager:             Benjamin Choate


Music by: Alan Menken

Lyrics by: Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater

Book by: Doug Wright

Based on the Hans Christian Andersen story
and the Disney film

Music Adapted and Arranged by 
David Weinstein